Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Disgrace as Bishopbriggs Sports Hall demolisted without permission - The hall cost almost £1m just seven years ago!

bishopbriggs high sports hallAs reported in the local press, the Sports hall, built only seven years ago at a cost of almost £1m, has been demolished. The hall, in the grounds of former Bishopbriggs High School, appears to have been demolished without the proper permission by Morgan Ashurst. Permission is now being processed through the council.

As anyone who has read this blog will know I stated the intentions of the council to allow the hall to be demolished to make way for a new development in the grounds of the old high school.

The council rejected public consultation to build the new school on the grounds of the High School. At the time the council was under the control of the Liberal Democrats but almost all of the councilors lost their sets in the last local election.

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Anonymous said...

This is outrageous - what a waste of £800,000. It might have been the Lib Dems that moved the school but it was the unholy Labour / Tory coallition that signed the papers. If they hadn't signed - the school might have been delayed but they could have put it in the right place. One lot is just as bad as the other.